Artifact Collection and Archives

The Cape Coral Historical Society and its Museum is designated as the official repository for the history of the City of Cape Coral, and is tasked with collecting preserving, and sharing its collections. The Museum has a responsibility to provide efficient access to the collection while ensuring its integrity and longevity. As such, the Museum is constantly working towards creating an accurate inventory of the documents and objects in its care, while properly storing the items.

Since the beginnings of the Cape Coral Historical Society, which was incorporated in 1980, the Museum has acquired a collection that includes thousands of items, including but not limited to photographs, original documents, scrapbooks, maps, letters, minutes, and more. While many objects from the collection are on display in the exhibit spaces of the Museum, the bulk of the archival collection is housed in the Betsy Zeiss Lewis Archives, which is available as a research tool to the public.

Interested in donating an item to the Museum? Please follow these guidelines.