As the only museum in Cape Coral that caters to the history of the area, the Cape Coral Museum of History celebrates and honors all those who have made Cape Coral into a vibrant and fast-growing city with over 2500 sq ft of exhibits. In addition to its permanent exhibits, the Museum also curates up to four temporary exhibitions each year.

All the News That’s Fit to Print:
60 years of the Cape Coral Breeze

The Breeze began in 1961 as “Your New Community Newspaper” and has continued to strive to “take a genuine interest in its readers as people- people with interesting and varied backgrounds.” In a community where everyone has come from somewhere else to make a new home the Breeze allows residents to feel like Cape Coral is truly “home”.

The exhibit highlights 60 years of the Cape Coral Breeze as a steady source of journalistic integrity, and honors the organization, its publishers, editors, journalists, and photographers, who all toil endlessly to keep up with the happenings in our growing city.

Historic Rosen Building

The Kelly Building

The 1962 Rosen building originally sat on the Cape Coral Country Club grounds as the pro shop and snack bar. It was moved to Four Freedoms Park in 1966 and again to Cultural Park in 1983. The Museum first opened in 1987 inside the Rosen building. It now houses the Museum front desk, Museum Store, and administrative offices.

Built in 2009, the Kelly Building documents the growth and incorporation of the City of Cape Coral from 1970 through today. Exhibits feature the formation of the city’s government, development of public services such as the Cape Coral Fire Department, Cape Coral Police Department and Cape Coral Hospital, and histories of the local schools, parks, churches, and business community.

“The Museum’s permanent exhibits cover everything from the earliest Native American tribes who lived on the land that became Cape Coral to exhibits featuring the Cape Coral Police, Fire Fighters and Hospital Workers that keep us healthy and safe.”

Gulf American Land Corp.

Built in 2003, this building chronicles the history of Cape Coral from the areas of earliest settlement by the Calusa and the Seminole all the way through to the purchase and development of the land by the Gulf American Land Corporation. The building features exhibits on the Calusa and Seminole tribes, the local homestead families, original items from the Cape Coral Gardens, Cape Coral Country Club, and Cape Coral Yacht and Tennis Club, and an area focusing on the Rosen brothers’ homesite sales tactics.

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